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The Promise

Childhood friends were drafted into their country’s service and only one made it home. A graveside promise was made that “I’ll never let anyone forget you guys.” This is the underlying theme of the Mountaineer Military Museum.
The Museum will be open to public, private, organizational , and educational tours. The Museum will be open April - December on Saturdays only from 10am - 4pm. To make a mid-week appointment, call (304)-472-3943.

Our Mission

"Honor Our Past by Educating Our Future."

We Have Expanded!

The Mountaineer Military Museum has recently added 2,100 sq. feet and has created more than 18 new exhibits, featuring personal and historical items from the Korean, Vietnam, and Civil War. We have also created a reflection room, a place where we can go and honor those who have fallen before us. We would be honored if you came to see our new expansion; we promise you will not be disappointed.
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April 1 to December 1: Saturdays only 10am - 4pm

All others by appointments only: 304-472-3943 or 304-516-0800

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